Industrial and commercial cleaning

Industrial cleaning

When it comes to Industrial cleaning we have a lot of experience in the food industry. High care cleaning is a specialised type of cleaning which requires the correct and safe use of chemicals and cleaning equipment. We can work with you on many different types of project including regular cleaning, office cleaning, deep cleaning, foaming, fogging, listeria issues and team training for your cleaning team so they can keep high standards within your food production areas at all times. Often cleaning teams miss small areas or overlook things which can lead to bigger issues such as listeria, mould, stagnant water and foul smells. We can work with you to deliver your cleaning requirements or with your cleaning team to develop their skills, systems and procedures.

High care cleaning

Whether you are already an established business or just starting out we can offer solutions to your cleaning requirements. We offer a wide range of cleaning services in the food industry which takes the strain off you having to worry about cleaning, enabling you to focus on the running of your business. We have experience with deep cleaning, fogging, foaming, customer and BRC audit preparation ensuring cleanliness and hygiene issues will not be on the minor or majors lists. 

We can help in several ways including

  • High care deep cleaning

  • Hygiene staff training

  • Implementation of cleaning systems and procedures

  • Chemical handling, storage and correct use

  • Removal of listeria and upkeep of cleanliness

  • Regular supply of experienced cleaning staff

  • Audit preparation high and low care cleaning

  • Supply of cleaning chemicals

  • Bio fogging for Covid19 and other pathogens

  • Foaming of high care areas and deep cleaning

  • Fitting of resin coving to provide a smooth curved area where dirt and water can't accumulate

  • Resin floor fitting, repairs and maintenance to ensure a safe food environment is maintained at all times

  • Bespoke cleaning solutions

  • Complete take over of facility cleaning 

If you have any of the above requirements we can work with you to achieve your goals and ensure your facility is delivering the highest cleaning standards.