Changing how the world views cleaners

We set up Cleaners NI in early 2020. People often asked me- why a cleaning business? Do I love cleaning? Am I a cleaner? Honestly, the answer is no. For me, it is about much more than that. It is about seeing things done right. I have worked in operations and facilities all my life. I see how cleaning is viewed in a lot of organisations. It is often viewed as a ‘bottom of the pile’ job. Something that has to be done, rather than being seen as an integral part of the business. In fairness, not by everyone, in every industry, but there was this underlying view in our

experience. Last year this changed.

Suddenly cleaning became integral in every business. Covid-19 put cleaning on the boardroom table, and we saw this as an opportunity. Not just an opportune time to set up a new business but a good time to change the narrative. Cleaners are often amongst the hardest working people in a business. It is a fairly thankless task as it is often repetitive and constant. We wanted to set up a business that recognises the cleaning role within an organisation. We want to ensure that every person who works for our organisation is proud of their job and understands the importance of their role. The first thing we did was not set about trying to get work – it was to establish a clear set of values and to go about starting to change the narrative.

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