It's time to change the narrative!

In my very first blog I talked about how the driving force behind setting up Cleaners NI was to change the narrative. You might say- who cares? Cleaning is what it is; and we understand that, but it is about so much more.

I’ll chat a little about our Values in my next blog but you may ask- why are we trying to change the narrative? Well, we have all seen how essential cleaning has become in the workplace, public buildings, home and care settings.

That may not necessarily change people’s attitudes towards cleaners and the cleaning profession until you look a little bit deeper. More cleaning means potentially more chemicals which has an impact on the environment. More cleaning might mean more waste. This too has an impact on the environment.

It then starts to dawn that cleaning practices become very important in a business’s environmental impact assessment. If a business cares about its impact on the environment, it should be looking at its cleaning policies and procedures. What chemicals are we using? How are we disposing of our waste? Do our cleaning team understand and seek to minimise their impact on the environment?

These are all questions that we seek to address in every job that we undertake. We have developed our own range of chemicals and practices such as steam cleaning to reduce the use of harmful chemicals. We work with businesses to ensure their waste disposal practices minimises their waste to landfill. We make sure our teams are well educated about the impact of chemicals and cleaning practices on the environment. This, we believe, starts to change the narrative.

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